Jun 22 • 1HR 7M

Backchat: Boyfriend Dungeon

Happy Pride! Enjoy our gossip!

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Grayson Morley
Alyssa Collins
Brandon Walsh
A videogame podcast for people who are behind on videogames, produced by Backlog.
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Backchat is back! Welcome back to Backlog’s intermittent videogame podcast for people who are behind on videogames.

It’s Pride, which means it’s time to talk Boyfriend Dungeon. Which really means: talking about who was your best and worst boy for 30+ minutes. Join me (Grayson), Alyssa Collins, and Brandon Walsh as we gossip about our videogame paramours, share awkward (true) stories about our dating lives, and generally giggle our way through this very saucy game about dating swords.

Thank you to AlexiAction for the use of their song “Digital Love” in this episode of Backchat.