Not having yet played this game is one of my shames. Part of me is scared, though. What if I don't like it? The game has such universal praise that I worry not liking it might compromise the "knowledgeable gamer" state I've built for myself.

I think too much.

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This was great, brought me back onto the Eye and all the wonderful, complicated emotions I felt there. I chose to leave with Lem, and that ending had me actually sobbing. My wife, sitting next to me, was like “What happened are you okay?”. I proceeded to tell her the whole story, about the little family I found and the choices I made. I think Citizen Sleeper affected me more deeply than any game ever has. I’m so glad it exists and I hope more people play it and engage with it. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I will be sharing this whenever I recommend people play it!

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You captured the unique relationships of Sleeper Citizen really well here. Not many games gripped me like this one, and it sits up there with Disco Elysium for genuine feeling.

The conclusion of staying on the Eye took me by surprise. Most stories have you leaving and moving on, but like you, it felt fitting that my Sleeper decided to stay.

Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to reading more Backlog.

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